About Us

We are Carmen & Robin

We are 2 passionate landscape photographers with the great Canadian Rockies as our backyard. With a combined 7 years experience in capturing majestic landscape scenes, we have worked with top brands and tourism agencies in the country, in addition to being published in National Geographic Travel. We are committed to helping YOU become an amazing landscape photographer by sharing with you our best tips, editing secrets and even mistakes to avoid.

Our unique style is defined by vibrant colours, strong foregrounds, and perfect mirror reflections. In a sea of desaturated trendy photos, our images POP with their bright colourful tones and have been featured on major social media photography such as Lonely Planet, Naked Planet and Discovery. You can view more of our work on our social channels @swissclick_photography and @motherpixels

However, we did not start off this way. The road to becoming successful landscape photographers included a lot of trial and errors, many disappointments in weather conditions, using the wrong gear, the wrong settings and making grave mistakes in our editing process. It tested our patience and it tested our confidence. That is why in this course, we share with you ALL of our secrets to ensure that we save you years of lessons learned the hard way.

We know that once you watch this course and learn our techniques, you can immediately hit the ground running and confidently capture jaw dropping images.

What We Share with You:

  • The BEST Compositional Tips to come out with unique and multiple perspectives of one location.
  • The gear you NEED to capture landscape images
  • How to take the PERFECT long exposure photo
  • The BIGGEST mistakes you can make when shooting in the Field
  • The FREE apps we use to ensure we get the ideal weather conditions to capture the scenes at best light
  • IN DEPTH Lightroom Tutorials with 50 Landscape Presets so you can transform your photos with the click of a button
  • We SOLVE the problem of a boring photo by giving you 150 Sky Overlays so you can create epic sunrises/sunsets or add texture to your images

Don’t believe us? Believe our Partners and Clients: